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My name is Jem, one of the two lads behind Bunkaway! I will always remember how I felt upon receiving my first university acceptance letter: it was 2012 and learning I had been accepted to Dublin City University filled me with sheer joy. Excitement soon turned to frustration, however, once I began to look for a place to live in Dublin. I spent weeks surfing the web, dredging through different housing sites, reviewing ad after ad after ad. Hundreds of inquiries and exchanges later, I sorted out a comfortable living situation.

Three years on, I found myself preparing to head off on a year-long education abroad program, again faced with the dreaded challenge of finding a room in a foreign city as a student. Eventually, I told myself, I would come up with a solution to solve this logistics nightmare and let students concentrate on their studies.

In the summer of 2017 I was fortunate to take part in a program for university students to explore different business models in the real world. It was my playground for developing a market solution to the temporary foreign housing problem in education. It was also where I met James. We spoke with students, residence and accommodation centers, university administrations, student councils, landlords, and host families. Their stories made it clear that the available set of options and infrastructure around student housing were severely lacking, especially in the host family sector. We agreed on a simple mission to make it easier for people and families to safely rent out a spare room. That meant finding a way to bring accommodation seekers and providers together in a simple and efficient manner - to improve the screening process for both tenants and landlords.


Our Mission is to increase the number of bed spaces by making renting as simple as possible worldwide. We achieve this by reducing the unnecessary friction and by creating a safe environment where room seekers and landlords can meet.


Our Vision is to give people more freedom of movement, make education more accessible and increase the overall quality of life in cities by introducing better ways to navigate the rental market.

The Team Behind Bunkaway!

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